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Posted by 94Z28 in Laser Hosts

Custom Laser Hosts and Heatsinks

Have you been wanting to build some awesome Science Fiction type device that will emit beautiful rays of light almost like a lightsabre? Wondering why you can’t find anything more than a Chinese 301 or 303 host for sell online? It’s hard to find quality…

Posted by Brucemir in Laser Photos

Laser Photos by Brucemir

Hello, I posted ten nice lasers photos to the Media section if anyone wants to check them out.These pics were taken with an LK-PD2 laser projector and hand held lasers. Enjoy Brucemir    

Posted by 94Z28 in Laser Builds

C8 Custom 2W M140 Blue Laser Build

It was time for to me to make another post since I have churned up yet another M140 build over the weekend. This one is a custom machined heatsink and focus ring made by Lifetime17 @ LPF who did an amazing job on the details…

Posted by 94Z28 in Laser Builds

JetLasers PL-E Custom Build with NDB7875 @ 2A

This is another great JetLaser’s product but in this case, they only supplied the perfectly machined host. This custom build was done by Cel @ LaserPointerForums and it’s quite a beauty. You can visit the original thread here >¬†http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/450nm-ndb7875-2a-pl-e-97510.html   – Intro – I have…

Posted by 94Z28 in Laser Diodes

Most Common Hobbyist Laser Diodes of 2016

Alright, so I figured I would write a quick list of the most common laser diodes that I have seen in builds recently. Obviously, the laser hobby has changed drastically over the last few years after these high powered multi-mode diodes were released. If you…

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JetLasers PL-E Pro 445nm 2000mw Review

Let’s begin with packaging; It showed up in your average DHL bag, carrying a JetLasers branded cardboard slip-in container. I removed the slip from the cardboard shell to discover some heavily bubble wrapped parts; 3 pieces wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap. I began…

Posted by 94Z28 in Laser Reviews

Revolutionary Laser Driver capable of 8A and modulation

BlackBuck 8M is what I would call revolutionary laser driver capable of 8 Amps maximum output current, as well as modulation, external pot for on-the-fly adjustments, has an included NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring and it is one awesome looking board as well. It’s certainly…