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Affordable Hobbyist Laser Power Meter starting at $75US

A member over at LPF with the username Astralist has began selling his budget LPM, and I decided to pick one up and see how it works. The starting price was only 75$+shipping with the option to upgrade later to a 6W version for another 75$ which is performed with a simple software upgrade. I was asked to pay via Western Union, although PayPal was an option I decided to use his preferred method to make it easier on the seller; I downloaded the Western Union app to my android phone and sent the payment. He informed me he would ship out the same day, and he did via EMS; Tracking information was available the same day.

About 6 or 7 days later (it was purchased over the weekend) I had to go pick-up the LPM from my local USPS as the mailman decided he didn’t want to get out of his mail truck this day, and the box wouldn’t fit into my mailbox. I walked into USPS, grabbed my package and proceeded down the road to the corner store for some 9V batteries to power this thing. It has an optional Micro USB slot, or an Included 9V battery power adapter and when you are plugged into the USB, I believe it will not drain the battery.

Once I got home, I put the battery into it and it did nothing. I was like oh man, after all this waiting on a “budget” LPM it won’t even work. After sending Astralist@LPF a couple messages I figured out it had a software lock, I had to download Astralist’s software that would unlock my LPM’s hardware (confusing right?). We had some technical issues with his unlocking software on my Windows 7 32bit OS and it took him about 24 hours to get a solution figured out; when he finally did I got the Hyperion LPM powered up and did some test runs in his software “Vritonuzz”.

Vritonuzz is a LPM reading software that is capable of “auto-start” based on mW input; Graphing laser ouputs and tons more, I will list the features below with a screenshot as well. The creator also states that it is capable of reading other LPMs and I really like the software, even has some spare tools included like divergence calculator, and perceived brightness calculators. It’s well worth the download if you have a LPM!

vritonuzz speedtest_6_w

All in all, the LPM is a decent little tool if you are a laser hobbyist, at only 150$ it is fairly cheap compared to your average Ophir 20C thermopile setup. If you plan to build a lot of lasers, or really want a precise or exact reading of output then this Laser Power Meter is not for you, and you better fork out the few extra bucks for the Ophir thermopile; BUT your average hobbyist can use the Hyperion LPM and get by just fine! You can go pick one up by contacting Astralist via his email below or by visiting his original sale’s thread here.



Technical specification:

  • Max measurable power:
    • Hyperion Ag: 6W*
    • Hyperion Cu: Using equal sensor like the Hyperion Ag, but limited to 2000 mW max.
  • Resolution: 1 uW**
  • ADC resolution: 22-bit, yielding 1.192 uV/bit with 2500mV Vref
  • ADC vref: 2500 mV.
  • Uncertainty:
    • Laser power 0 mW to 4500 mW: ±5%***
    • Laser power 4500 mW to 6000 mW: -10%***
  • Sensor area:
    1. 36 mm² high speed sensor (default)
    2. 100mm² slow sensor.
  • Options for sensor coating:
    1. HPCVD micro carbon deposition over high temp resistant matte black paint.
    2. High power + high damage threshold carbon coating at least 480W/cm² (default) , tested by focusing 3.6W multi mode laser into 0.5×1.5mm spot size.Results: no damage, smoke, or trace at all.
    3. No coating at all, yielding broadband rejector instead of broadband absorber. Thus producing higher measurable power albeit at worse resolution.
  • Sensor response time 0-90%: ~4-6 sec****
  • Sensor response time 0-100%: ~10-12 sec****
  • Display:
    • Hyperion Ag: High contrast LCD.
    • Hyperion Cu: Standard LCD.
  • Hardware interface:
    • Delta-reading (software zeroing).
    • Peak detector.
    • Brightness.
    • Digital filter.
    • Easy re-calibration (only for HyAg).
  • Vritonuzz data logging software (download v1.1.0.47 here):
    • Freeware for all, support various protocol.
    • Tools including divergence calculator, relative perceived brightness calculator.
    • Intuitive interface.
    • Configurable x-axis graph with zoomed or scrolling.
    • Auto-scale graph.
    • Various digital filter.
    • Smart averaging.
    • Delta-reading (software zeroing).
    • Peak detector.
    • Configurable logging time.
    • Auto-logging trigger by power.
    • Delayed logging (5 sec).
    • One-click snipping graph.
    • Export data to spreadsheet format (.xls) and already nicely formatted too.
    • Plug n play without unnecessary effort like selecting COM or installing driver.
  • The board can be calibrated to read from ophir sensor directly, making this board a functional data logger board.


  • Hyperion Argentum: $150****
  • Hyperion Cuprum: $75****

Hyperion Cuprum can be upgraded to Hyperion Argentum, you only need to pay the rest, and you’ll get activation code to unlock the limit and easy-calibration feature


Please read all the precaution here carefully before buy

EMS Tracked, equal to USPS Priority Mail Express International™ (and is track-able via USPS website), delivery within 3-7 business days (maybe more depends on the situation).
Shipping cost to USA is $25
Shipping cost to Canada & most European country is $35
Shipping maybe lower depends on the weight of the package.
Shipping cost within Indonesia is FREE (in case you or your friends is currently on vacation here)

User manual for both hardware and software is inside the Vritonuzz software.

EMS Destination From Indonesia


*Depends on the sensor and coating. Linearity tested up to 4.5W, above this level the reading might skew to lower value (about 10%) due to sensor’s Vout saturation.
**Depends on the sensor, coating, and digital filter.
***Approx. value from the reference sensor only, not including the uncertainty of the reference sensor towards NIST.
****Using default sensor. Cheaper & slower sensor are available upon request.

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