Hobby Laser Pointer | NDG7475 Chinese 1W 520nm Diode Scam
Beware of Chinese eBay sellers trying to peddle NDG700 diode as NDG7475 1w units!


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Beware of Chinese 1w 520nm Scams

I have been hunting best prices for 520nm diodes for the last few weeks, and I have probably contacted 10+ sellers in China. 9 of them tried to sell me a NDG700 as a 1W 520nm diode! I have yet to find one of them actually selling the NDG7475 as the “1W” diode. Just make sure you contact the seller, and ask for a spec sheet if necessary!

I did come across one seller on eBay that was selling the NDG700 as a 500mw diode, he was the only chinese seller that I have found selling the truth, even if it’s at a high price. I would highly recommend anyone reading to visit DTR’s Laser Shop before making a purchase from any chinese seller on eBay! He is the only trustable US Laser Supplier I have found, and he ships fast. I highly recommend him over anyone else when it comes to laser diodes in the USA.

I have attached the 1 watt 520nm NDG7475 Spec Sheet herendg7475-spec. If the spec sheet looks different, it’s not a real NDG7475.

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