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C8 Custom 2W M140 Blue Laser Build

It was time for to me to make another post since I have churned up yet another M140 build over the weekend. This one is a custom machined heatsink and focus ring made by Lifetime17 @ LPF who did an amazing job on the details of the machining. I love the massive aluminum heatsinks because they really shine up well, and look awesome with black anodizing on a flashlight type host. It is a one-of-a-kind heatsink and it has a one-of-a-kind focus knob attached to it as well. I didn’t make many changes to his design of these, I just added 2 GITD (Glow-In-The-Dark) O-Rings; One on the focus knob, inside an indention; and one on the host below the heatsink retaining bezel. Just a note, his heat sink design fits into this C8 host with ease, and it left some room below so I don’t have to fight with the wires when putting it all together. I didn’t weigh this sink, but I can guarantee it is heavy and it certainly can tame this M140 M-Type 445nm diode well (in the LPM video, you see this thing holding 2200mw for over a minute straight). I can definitely point you in the right direction if you have a host that will need a heat sink, or if you just want to buy one of his ready made builds give me a shout! I will be getting more of these host from him for builds and selling them as well on LPF, this one will be listed there shortly as well if interested go offer me!

Alright, so the power of this build is pretty obvious as I stated above it is a little over 2 watt with a M140 M-Type diode (the more efficient M140) from those “name who we must not say” projectors. I will tell you that I absolutely love these 5.6mm diodes because they pack a real powerful punch in a small package; and the cost is decent. I have run through atleast 25 or 30 of them selling bare or in builds over this year! They are truly robust. I powered this little monster with a X-Drive 1.8 Amp driver from DTR’s diode shop. It’s unbeatable except by the Super X-Drive but I had this one laying around in the parts bin, so I decided it was time to be used on this good quality host. Glad I did, because it certainly adds to the stability of it and I was pretty upset after burning out a diode earlier with one of my hand-made “BenBoost” drivers! I did put the driver inside the module, because I used an extra long brass back-half since the heatsink was so long and had room to do it that way, and keep the driver cool as well by attaching it to the long brass back half so that it can make thermal contact with the heat sink and stay cool for extended periods. I would guess this build has a duty cycle of around 3 minutes, give or take a few seconds. I will find out with my LPM software later, for now I just test it for 1 minute with little to no loss. I am pushing those photons through one of my “clone” G2 Lenses that I have tons of now, and they work fabulously. I have plenty of 3 elements as well, incase I want to get some better divergence with it later on.

Enjoy! Hope you leave a comment, or ask a question.

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