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Custom Laser Hosts and Heatsinks

Have you been wanting to build some awesome Science Fiction type device that will emit beautiful rays of light almost like a lightsabre? Wondering why you can’t find anything more than a Chinese 301 or 303 host for sell online? It’s hard to find quality hosts and heat sinks for your flashlight to laser builds, and it requires a skilled machinist who has time and wants to assist the hobby.

Lifetime17@LPF is a friend of mine who has seriously aided the hobbyist community by offering beautiful custom hosts and Heatsinks to make your fantasy become a reality. I have personally used a few of his products, they are top-notch USA made metal pieces of art! The functionality, fit and finish is always an A+ in my opinion, and guess what!? No price gouging here, Lifetime is straight up with every customer he has had. (If you want to see for yourself, check him out at LaserPointerForums.com)

If you are interested in some custom laser design or Heatsink design he is your man, and you can expect to be treated fairly. I will provide a contact email below, or you can sign-up on LaserPointerForums and shoot him a Private Message with your ideas/needs.


or E-Mail Lifetime by clicking HERE.

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