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Hobby Laser Pointer is the home for everything Laser related! Laser Pointers, diodes, builds, how-to, reviews and more.

Disclaimer & TOS


Copyrights and trademarks are property of their respective owners. Hobby Laser Pointer is not responsible for your actions with any laser pointer. HobbyLP does not sell complete laser pointers, although some parts may be up for sale! You will decide what you make with the parts, and be solely responsible for the device you may create. HobbyLP does reserve their own writing of blog post when not using information from an author or engineer. We are not affiliated with JetLasers, although we do highly recommend them! Please be safe with any laser pointer no matter what power, and remember your safety goggles!
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  • Remember to use safety goggles when using any laser pointer.
  • NEVER Point a laser pointer into the sky, at risk of airplanes, helicopters and your freedom.
  • NEVER look into the end aperture of a laser pointer with the batteries/power source connected.
  • NEVER shine a laser pointer into any living thing’s eye or direction
  • You are responsible for your actions!

When purchasing parts from Hobby Laser Pointer you are agreeing to these conditions:

  1. You are 18 years of age or older (or considered an adult/emancipated) and mature!
  2. You understand that the components involved are considered dangerous when not properly assembled into a finished product.
  3. You will use these as components and properly incorporate them into a finished product.
  4. You will use these diodes/modules in a safe and responsible manner and for a legal purpose.
  5. You are legally responsible for the use of these components, improper use of these components or their end products.
  6. You are legally responsible for any injury to any human, animal, or property from the use of or assembly of these components or their finished products.
  7. You accept this diode/module/other part as a COMPONENT for integration in a system of your own design and will be legally responsible for any and all liability.
  8. These diodes and modules are sold solely as a component for incorporation into the customer’s end products. Therefore, the parts are exempt from compliance with the appropriate requirements of FDA 21CFR, section 1040.10 and 1040.11 for complete products.
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