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So on this page I will talk about some of my favorite sources for laser parts, support, and just generally any other websites that I enjoy visiting on a daily basis. Some of these will be stores, and some will be forums.

LaserPointerForums is where I originally started into the laser community, I actually had been playing with flashlights and other LED type stuff for some time, and I was a member of budgetlightforum as well; I would visit LaserPointerForum sometime and read over some of their threads, but just joined the community this year (2016) and I am SURELY glad that I did. I love the atmosphere over there, and these guys will go to any length really to assist a fellow enthusiast. Thanks LPF Members! If you are a laser enthusiast of any kind, you need to go sign up here immediately.


DTR’s Laser Shop is my one stop shop for anything related to laser diodes and drivers. If I need to buy laser diodes, modules, drivers or anything of the sort I do not even hesitate I immediately shoot DTR an email or visit his site and checkout. It’s simple and United States based so there is no waiting 3 weeks for something to come from China and he’s trustworthy providing specs and information on everything he sells. Not to mention he is excellent at soldering and all of his items are top notch quality! Go here to purchase your NEW diodes!


Survival Laser is my favorite laser store with a little bit of everything; Hosts, Glasses, Drivers, Batteries, Flashlight LED Kits, Driver Pills, Flashlight Conversion parts, batteries, heat-sinks you name it and these guys can probably get it. The shipping is fast and all the prices are amazing! If you are living outside the United States you can buy other awesome stuff already pre-assembled at SurvivalLaser.com

JetLasers.org – The most quality laser builds I have ever seen, and you can couple them with Beam Expanders straight from their website! Oh man these things are packed with safety features AND power; You really cannot find a better laser than a JetLaser.

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