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JetLasers PL-E Pro 445nm 2000mw Review

Let’s begin with packaging; It showed up in your average DHL bag, carrying a JetLasers branded cardboard slip-in container. I removed the slip from the cardboard shell to discover some heavily bubble wrapped parts; 3 pieces wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap. I began to tear the packing tape and bubble wrap off of the 3 pieces to find the main unit, the extension tubes, and the tail cap wrapped individually inside of anti-static packages. Also included in the package was a certificate stating the power rating and model, a set of 2 keys for the tail cap switch, 2x 18650 adapter tubes, and a good quality lens cloth. Only thing I didn’t get with this laser that I got with my others would be the camo lanyard that attaches to the tail cap. I would rate the packaging a definitive 10/10.



WOW, what a piece of engineering this thing is, it’s amazing. That was my first impression when I put together a PL-E Pro laser for my first time. You can feel the heftiness of it right away, before you even have all of the pieces removed from the box; this immediately tells you it’s not your average Chinese laser. The black anodizing is spotless, not a scratch or imperfection on the entire length of it. First impressions 10/10.


It has really great machining around the tail cap, extension tube, and the head has the heat sink finned look to it, and at the tip of this beast is the crown which has the look of a scary torture device made to impale. Inside the crown of the device is the dust cap which is threaded to keep your lens and diode safe from dirt and debris, and also what appears to be an IR filter which in this case would just serve as added protection for the lens and diode. Right below the crown you have your focusing mechanism which spins either way to adjust the focus of your lens, and a set-point line for reference. The switch body located in the center of the unit has a momentary press button (smaller one) and a larger On/Off clicky switch; right above the power buttons are 3 LED lights to keep you aware of when your laser is armed. Once you arm the key switch located at the tail cap the 3 LED lights will glow red, and if you use the momentary press button the top LED will glow blue, if you use the clicky on/off switch the top LED will glow green. I know I am rambling on about the housing but it really deserves the acknowledgement because this thing is a fine piece of engineering, it is NOT your average laser pointer and you can tell the guys who are engineering these hosts are not in some mass production factory. Threading is perfect, there is no wobble between any parts and the tolerances feel very tight, so much so that they actually seem to apply a silicone grease so you can thread the parts together properly! Oh and I forgot to mention that it is 14 1/4″ in length. Host Quality. 10/10




Let’s talk about something a little more fun; The power. It’s rated at 2000mw by JetLasers, it came with a little certificate that gives you the information about the laser and the power output. I tested it on my Hyperion Argentum Laser Power Meter right after snapping some pictures of the housing and it metered right at 2280mw nearly 2.3W so that makes it 15% over-spec according to my LPM. According to many of the reviews I have been reading over at LaserPointerForums it is pretty much normal for a JetLasers device to be over-spec, and when talking about lasers of this magnitude that is a very good thing! Power Rating 10/10

Some of the hardcore hobbyist are very concerned over the divergence of these high power blue diodes, as most of us know they have a pretty horrid line shape dot and it only worsens with distance, maybe I will try to add a JetLaser’s 10X Beam Expander sometime soon to improve. I measured the beam 1ft from aperture at 5.53mm and then measured out a 5 meter distance and measured the dot which had diverged to a 12.37mm line on the wall meaning this specific laser has a divergence of 1.368mrad or rounding off around 1.4mrad. Not a very impressive number, but even at 1.4mrad it was burning a hole into my garage door at 5 meters! This is something that JetLaser’s cannot really be accountable for in this review and since they offer an option to help tame these beastly line I will rate this at a 8/10.


I hope I have not missed anything, I may be coming back to tidy this up a bit as I really just started writing with no real organization to my review. Expect this to change over time, and I will update ratings if anything changes with use. Check out the video below for some burning! If you want to buy one like it then go here: JetLaser’s PL-E Pro 445nm 2W.

Overall Review Ratings

  • Packaging/Shipping: 10/10
  • First Impressions: 10/10
  • Host Quality: 10/10
  • Power Rating: 10/10
  • Divergence: 8/10

In other words, you should stop looking at those cheaper chinese lasers and head over to JetLasers.org for a quality piece of engineering that will last you!

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