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Laser Diode Pinout / Polarity

This is a concentrated section of the known diode pinouts/polarity. You must take care when choosing drivers, paying attention to case polarity. If you have a case negative diode, you cannot run your cell setup as case positive without isolating the module, and reverse.

Whenever you are in doubt, pull out your DMM (Digital Multimeter) and see if the can/diode shows continuity between it and the pins. This means your DMM would be set to Diode or Ohms and one of the leads would go to the back of the diode can (not touching the pins) and the second lead would go to a single pin. If you show continuity between the can and pin, then you know the diode is NOT case neutral.

9mm NUBM44 Diode Pinout / Polarity

Most all 9mm diodes like NUBM44, NUBM08, and other Nichia brand 450nms will be the same pin out. These diode are the ones I get asked about most often, with the dimple on the back side being the easiest way to notice the orientation of the diode. Make sure you double check your wiring before ever placing a cell into the unit to avoid any 100$+ mistakes.

Case Neutral Diodes

Case neutral diodes mean you have more flexibility when it comes to choosing drivers, and decided which pole you will run through your case. It doesn’t matter if you choose to run case negative; or case positive because the LD is neutral to the can. Generally, the 445-450nm diodes will be case neutral no matter the 5.6mm or 9mm can.

  • M140 / A140 445nm
  • PL450/PL450B 450nm
  • ML520G71 300mW 635nm
  • ML501P73 500mW 635nm
  • ML520G54 110mW 635nm
  • HL63133DG 170mW 635nm
  • 12x S06J 405nm
  • 8X BDR-S03 405nm
  • 8X BDR-203 405nm
  • PHR-803T 405nm

    Case Negative Diodes

This means the case/can of the diode is the negative pole or cathode for the semiconductor. You cannot run a case positive host/driver combo with a case negative diode unless the diode module is complete isolated from the host. This is why you must take care when choosing combinations! The most common diodes that are case negative are RED and IR diodes generally.

  • HL6388MG 250mW 635nm
  • HL6385DG 150mW 635nm
  • Sanyo 20mW 635nm
  • Sanyo 40mW 635nm
  • BDR-203 660nm
  • BDR-205 660nm
  • ML101J27 660nm
  • LPC-815 660nm
  • LPC-826 | 836 | 840 660nm
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