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Wondering how much it would cost to build your 2w blue 445nm laser pointer? This tool can help you find out and compare!



Get a FREE quote on how much it COULD cost to build your laser! This is just a tool for expecting how much it would cost for you to purchase this laser in parts only. I will try to update it a bit. Some prices may be a little higher than advertised prices to include shipping. Do NOT forget to factor in accessories like batteries, chargers, etc!

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*NOTE – This estimation is just for the price of parts right-out not including the labor to build these laser pointers.

How much will it cost to build my laser?

Estimate the cost of your build with this tool.

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Laser Host

C6 Host

C6 Host - Small dual 16340 Host with black anodizing.

S4 Host

S4 Host is a nicer looking black anodized dual 16340 host.

Stainless Steel Host

Brushed Stainless Steel 2x 16340 host

Custom Host
- +

Custom Host - This item is worth 10$ so multiply the quantity and come as close as you can to the price of your custom host.

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Laser Host Heatsink

Aluminum Heatsink

Aluminum Heatsink can be unanodized or in black, green, blue, red anodized.

Extended Copper Heatsink

Extended Copper Heatsink improves thermal transfer and keeps your diode running cooler than aluminum.

Extended & Tapered Copper Heatsink

Extended and Tapered Copper Heatsink provides more mass and better cooling as well as more room below the heatsink for the wiring and driver. Also capable of running full-length modules.

Custom Heatsink
- +

Custom Heatsink - If you are using a custom heatsink, this item is worth 10$ so multiply by how much your heatsink cost.

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Laser Diode

M140 M-Type Diode

M140 M-Type is Capable of producing over 2W at 445nm wavelength.

M140 A-Type Diode

M140 A-Type is Capable of producing 1.5W of 445nm output. This is the less efficient M140.

NUBM07E 465nm Diode

NUBM07E 465nm Diode - Use 3.5A MAX current driver.

NDG7475 1w 520nm

NDG7475 1w 520nm Green Diode

NDG700 700mw 520nm

NDG700 700mw 520nm Diode

NUBM44 445nm 7W Diode

NUBM44 445nm 6-7w Diode needs 4.5A SXD driver.

NDB7875 445nm 2-3w

NDB7875 9mm 445nm Diode capable of 2-3w output

Oclaro 638nm 700mw

Oclaro 700mw 638nm Diode

PLTB450B 1.6w 445nm

Osram PLTB450B 1.6w 445nm diode

PLT5 450B Single Mode

Osram PLT5 450B Single Mode diode

BDR-209 405nm 16X

BDR-209 16x 405nm Diode

PLP520-B1 520nm

Osram PLP520-B1 520nm Diode 120mw

M462 2w 462nm

M462 2w 462nm diode 5.6mm

NDB7675 1.4w 462nm

NDB7675 1.4w 462nm 9mm - Max Current 2.2A

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Laser Diode Driver

SL 1.8A Driver

SL 1.8A Driver for the M140, NDG7475, diodes. Requires 2 16340 batteries to push the 1.8A current; Using 1 18650 will produce 1/3 the max output.


SXD-V3 driver is a bucking laser driver available from 1.4A-5A; You will need to specify what current you want when ordering.

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Laser Optics


The real G2 lens from DTR. 405-G-2 Glass Lens W/Focus Ring 30% Increase Over Aixiz Suitable for 405,445,450, 462, 520 and 635 laser diodes.

3 Element 520nm

3 Element with AR Coating for 520nm

3 Element 600-800nm

3 Element with AR Coating for 600-800nm

3 Element

3 Element glass lens with 400-500nm AR Coating

G2 Clone

G2 Clone Chinese remake of the G2 lens if you cannot afford the full price G2.

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Final Cost

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