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Revolutionary Laser Driver capable of 8A and modulation

BlackBuck 8M is what I would call revolutionary laser driver capable of 8 Amps maximum output current, as well as modulation, external pot for on-the-fly adjustments, has an included NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring and it is one awesome looking board as well. It’s certainly something that caught my eye the first time I seen it, and I had to contact the seller named x-wossee on eBay. I had one shipped to me directly after for testing.

The shipping took quite some time, but since it was just for sampling I did not complain. Not even sure how long it took to arrive from the date he told me it was shipped, but it did come all the way from Russia!

I have not got to try out the modulation as I opted for the external pot option on the driver, I have always wanted an adjustable output laser driver for my high power 445nm blue builds; and alas I have one! I have successfully ran this driver for 45 minutes at 1.8A without tripping temperature control while driving a M-140 M-Type diode and active cooling on the diode (TEC + Fan on separate circuits). This confirms for me that this driver although compact is packed full of features capable of driving mid-range power modules inside of any hobbyist level projector.

My second test of the driver was with a NUBM07E diode driven at 3A, and I knew after about 5 minutes that the driver was going to end up needing a heatsink for anything more. I did a very simple thermal paste job of a mini copper heatsink and then I used some thermal compound to allow the copper to dissipate heat through my aluminum plate that holds the lab-style diode modules; this eliminated my heat issues and kept the driver below 120*F during a 15 minute run! Awesome!

I would love to see these drivers hooked up with about 5 NUBM44 diodes each TEC Cooled in an enclosure with fans as well, and all the supporting optics. Could you imagine what would come out the other end? It would be like having a 445nm CO2 clone! One of you rich readers, get to it.

I have been VERY busy with these other boost drivers and you guys will find out about them soon as well, so I have not been able to drive this diode past 4.5A output. I will tell you that around 3A+ you will want to start heatsinking the IC or else you could damage it at long run times. I will hook up the oscilloscope and try to record some 6-8A driving runs (If I can find a load capable of holding these powers for any amount of time). Check back later for some videos of the oscilloscope on this driver during high-current start ups to admire the clean start and some temp readings from thermocouples during runs.

This is my favorite driver available right now for any build it will fit into, I am buying as many as I can and will be selling them here in the US if anyone is interested in some faster shipping please let me know. Thanks.

Here is X-Wossee’s details on the driver and if you wish to purchase one you can do so here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/8A-modulated-buck-laser-diode-driver-with-thermal-protection-NUBM08E-etc-/162173270994



Output (drive) current 1000… 8000 mA +/- 5%
Modulation input  0…5V or 5V TTL/PWM
Conversion efficiency >93%
Modulation rise/fall time 40/60ms
Start-up delay 30ms
Sine-wave modulation bandwidth 4 KHz
Overheat protection shutdown t° 50° C / 122° F +/- 5%
PCB dimension 16*17*6 mm

The connection method using the reference voltage output and an external potentiometer to control the output current:

BlackBuck 8M


The connection method using an external signal:

BlackBuck 8M black Buck 8M


The connection method if you are not using external modulation sources:

BlackBuck 8M Black Buck 8M


  • The item comes with NTC sensor
  • Avoid short circuit and reverse polarity connection, it will damage the driver!
  • The contact pads on the PCB is very small, if you do not have enough skills in soldering, I highly recommend to buy pre-soldered version of this driver. We use high quality colored silicone wires, 15cm length by default. 
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