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Laser Safety is MOST important! You only have one set of eyes! Staring directly into the sun has a light power rating of 1.2mw and this hobby has items capable of 2000mw; You will be blinded without proper eye-wear! Please read into these safety tips, and then follow onto LaserPointerForums.com and read some of the horror stories that could happen to you!

The most comprehensive laser safety facts website is LaserPointerSafety.com

  • What is the biggest problem with laser pointer misuse?
    The most serious problem by far comes when laser pointers are aimed towards aircraft. People have been arrested and even jailed for shining lasers towards planes and helicopters. (See the aviation incident news page for many articles about aircraft/laser incidents, and the Sentences page for fines and jail terms.) So don’t do it!


At 5mW output your retinal reflexes can close and protect your eyes. True (unless reflexes are impaired)
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Laser Safety Goggles

It is extremely important to realize that a laser pointer is not a toy and should be treated with respect. If you have this respect you realize that a laser pointer can take away something you need to function day to day (your eyesight). Even a 5mw pointer can damage your eyes, but I too am guilty of using low power lasers without goggles to see the beam outside at night time. Just remember you only get one pair of eyes and it would not be fun if you lost their function! Buy proper safety goggles rated for the specific wavelength you are using at that time. Look below for some of the best choices and some deals that may pop-up.

Eagle Pair Laser Safety Goggles

Available in certain ranges of wavelengths and IR protection. Make sure you know what type of light is being emitted to properly protect yourself.

Eagle Pair OD5 – The pair I use

Survival Laser has fast shipping and great customer service, I recommend to get the goggles from them to ensure they’re legitimate (not a Chinese knockoff) and to get them quickly so you can enjoy those awesome lasers.

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