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Posted by 94Z28 in Laser Diodes

Most Common Hobbyist Laser Diodes of 2016

Alright, so I figured I would write a quick list of the most common laser diodes that I have seen in builds recently. Obviously, the laser hobby has changed drastically over the last few years after these high powered multi-mode diodes were released. If you…

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Revolutionary Laser Driver capable of 8A and modulation

BlackBuck 8M is what I would call revolutionary laser driver capable of 8 Amps maximum output current, as well as modulation, external pot for on-the-fly adjustments, has an included NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring and it is one awesome looking board as well. It’s certainly…

Posted by 94Z28 in Laser Diodes

Beware of Chinese 1w 520nm Scams

I have been hunting best prices for 520nm diodes for the last few weeks, and I have probably contacted 10+ sellers in China. 9 of them tried to sell me a NDG700 as a 1W 520nm diode! I have yet to find one of them…